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Pre-Winter Home Heating Checks

Simple checks for your home’s heating and insulation to ensure you and your family are comfortable, warm and have hot water throughout the winter.

With winter just round the corner, now is the best time to ensure your home’s heating and insulation is in order so you and your family are comfortable, warm and have hot water throughout the colder months.

But don’t rush to turn up the thermostat just yet because there are some essential checks to carry out first.

Insulation check

Good insulation is essential in getting the most out of your home’s central heating system. If you have loft insulation give it a thorough check to see that it’s all in order. If you don’t have any insulation in your loft or for space it might be worthwhile getting a quote or asking an expert how you could save money by installing loft insulation.

Put up thick winter curtains to add an extra layer of insulation as they are great for trapping heat between windows and the rest of the room. Or if you have laminate flooring or bare floorboards, place rugs over as much floor space as possible to help retain heat.

Check for draughts

Blocking draughts is one of the best ways to minimise heat loss in the home and you’d be amazed at how many there are even in just one room! Try to find as many as you can around windows and doors, block them with draft excluders and see if you notice the difference without turning up your heating thermostat.

If you are unsure about the best way to draught proof your home C Hanlon provide expert advice and draught proofing services throughout Glasgow and Central Scotland.

Make your radiators work for you

Central heating radiators work best when they are unobstructed so if you have any furniture blocking radiators move them away.
Sometimes it’s tempting to put newly washed clothes right up against radiators to dry but by moving them back just a little heat will be able to circulate better and the whole room will benefit. While the clothes may take a little longer to dry they will all dry at an even rate.

Get your boiler serviced

Your boiler is one of the most important appliances in your home if not THE most important. By getting a simple service your boiler will run as efficiently as it can to keep your central heating working throughout the winter and provide all the hot water you need.

Many people are complacent when it comes to the health of their boiler and think that if it’s running fine during the rest of the year then it will carry on working perfectly throughout the colder months. However, in the event that your boiler does break down, you may not be able to get your boiler fixed for a few days so a boiler service in the Autumn is wise.

You should only get a boiler service by a Gas Safe Registered engineer who will ensure that the boiler is running efficiently and to the required legal standards.

Stay warm this winter

By following the steps above you’ll have done everything you can to keep your home warm this winter.



If you need to call out a tradesman for an emergency call the C Hanlon 24 hr Emergency Number: 0843 289 2038.