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Domestic Boiler Servicing and Boiler Maintenance

Why Maintain Your Boiler?

The short answer is peace of mind. C Hanlon domestic boiler servicing and maintenance give you peace of mind meaning that your home will be heated and you will always have hot running water.

We recommend that you arrange to get your boiler serviced annually. It’s always best to have scheduled maintenance for your boiler to maintain correct, safe and efficient operation and of course minimise the risk of a complete boiler failure and the subsequent replacement costs.

Many people feel they can’t resist the temptation to wait until the boiler is on its last legs before replacing it. This can be dangerous and costly. A boiler that is not operating correctly can present a danger to your family and your house including an increased risk risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A maintained boiler is a safe and efficient boiler.

What’s Included In Your Annual Boiler Check

Your annual boiler service includes:

  • Gas tightness test/check
  • Boiler efficiency check including flue gas analysis (and adjustment as required)
  • Check on the operation of safety devices (and adjustment if required)
  • Check on operating pressures (and adjustment as required)
  • Visual inspection of flue
  • Visual inspection of exposed pipework to all appliances
  • Assessment of ventilation (for boiler purposes)
  • Check condition and bleed radiators and test controls
  • Test carbon monoxide alarms to see if they are operational
  • Give advice on getting the best out of your boiler

Gas Safe Qualified Staff

Boiler care and maintenance must be carried our by an approved gas/heating engineer who is accredited to the relevant standard (mainly Gas Safe standards for gas central heating boiler maintenance).

What is a Gas Safety Check?

A gas safety check includes the assessment of the basic safety of any gas appliance but a gas service includes a more detailed check of the gas appliance.

The engineer will assess the physical condition of the appliance, pipework, ventilation and any flues for signs of damage or malfunction. The engineer will carry out performance tests and take any actions necessary.

It is very important that gas appliances are serviced regularly in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Servicing your boiler regularly will make sure it is operating safely and efficiency.

Signs That Your Appliances Need Servicing?

Gas boilers should be serviced regularly. However, if you notice any of the warning signs listed below you should arrange for us to service your appliance as soon as possible:

  • Your boiler is not working properly
  • Radiators not heating properly
  • You can see black marks or stains on or around your gas appliances
  • The pilot light keeps going out
  • Your appliance is burning with a yellow flame instead of a blue flame
  • There is increased condensation in the room

New Gas Fired Boilers

C Hanlon Heating provide new gas boilers from Worcester Bosch with an 8 year guarantee and Vaillant Boilers with a 5 year guarantee (subject to annual servicing). We can also supply and install LPG boilers. Find out more about our Gas Central Heating systems.

If you are unable to get natural gas at your house we can provide other boiler types including oil fired boilers and
electric boilers.

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C Hanlon carry out boiler servicing and boiler maintenance in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

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