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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

As part of Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week all householders are encouraged to install a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm. This simple device can save people whose deaths could have been prevented!

  • 10 year life span
  • Powered-for-life sealed lithium battery
  • Proven electrochemical CO sensor
  • Pre-alarm indication gives early warning of CO
  • 5 year guarantee

Only £55 for first unit, £35 for every other unit in the property.

*Geographical exclusion applies.

To order, call us on 0843 289 2038, use our online enquiry form or email us.

Need To Know Carbon Monoxide Facts

  • Carbon monoxide is an extremely poisonous gas.
  • It can be produced by burning gas, coal, wood, oil or peat.
  • It is colourless, odourless and tasteless hence its name ‘the silent killer’.
  • When inhaled it can kill in under 3 minutes or call serious illness.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

Be aware of the signs that CO may be present:

  • Lazy yellow or orange flames on your cooker checked.
  • Dark staining around or on gas burning appliances.
  • Pilot lights that frequently blow out.
  • Increased condensation inside windows.

Get your appliances serviced regularly to prevent lethal fumes entering your home and install a carbon monoxide detector. It could save your life.

C Hanlon are Gas Safe Registered and can come to your home to carry out a service check on all of your gas appliances.

Find out how to check for carbon monoxide in your home.

To arrange for a C Hanlon Gas Safe Registered engineer to check your gas appliances call us on 0843 289 2038 or give us an email.



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