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Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm In Cold Weather

If you’re concerned about staying warm at home or if your boiler’s still able to cope here’s some tips and advice from the heating experts at C Hanlon.

Keep your boiler running

One of the most common reasons for plumber call outs in cold weather is frozen pipes or frozen condensate pipes. The condensate pipe runs from your boiler to outside your home.

TIP: If you suspect it is frozen apply a hot water bottle or hair dryer. Once thawed, reset your boiler.

Keep your radiator hot

Keeping warm in cold weatherCheck your radiators for cold spots. These indicate trapped air and stop radiators from working efficiently.

TIP: Bleed your radiators by releasing the valve at the bottom of each radiator. Release excess air until it stops then tighten the valve.

Dealing with frozen pipes

Some burst pipes are obvious but many are not. If you notice a drop in water pressure or see damp patches on walls, floors and ceilings a pipe may be burst. If you suspect frozen pipes you must act immediately to minimise damage.

Frozen Pipe Checklist

  1. Turn off your stopcock (usually under the kitchen sink)
  2. Flush all toilets
  3. Don’t use electrical equipment or use light switches
  4. Mop up any water
  5. Clear furniture and valuables away from affected area in case they become damaged
  6. Thaw the pipe out with a hair dryer or hot water bottle
  7. Temporarily bind the pipes with insulating tape, cloths or towels
  8. Call a plumber as soon as possible

Keep your elderly loved ones safe

Always keep in touch with elderly relatives and friends during very cold weather. It could save their lives.

TIP: Ensure their home’s temperature remains above 18°C. Ensure they wear warm clothing (wool insulates better than cotton) and multiple layers. Ask them to contact you if they become cold so you can act.

Don’t forget C Hanlon have a 24hr Emergency Callout for plumbing and heating emergencies.

Print and cut out our Emergency Call Out Number below and stick it on your boiler, fridge or the notice board at home. You never know when you might need it!

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If you need to call out a tradesman for an emergency call the C Hanlon 24 hr Emergency Number: 0843 289 2038.