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Smart Heating and Thermostats Explained

Smart thermostats use the latest technology to enable you to control your home’s temperature remotely via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer for more control over your home’s central heating. They have also been demonstrated to save money on heating bills.

What’s so smart about a smart thermostat?

Some smart thermostats ‘learn’ how long it takes for your home or different rooms to reach the desired temperature. Rather than programming in a time for your heating to come on and waiting until the desired temperature is reached, a smart thermostat knows exactly when to turn on the heating for the desired temperature to be reached at the time you want.

For example, by accessing weather reports on the internet, a smart thermostat will adjust your heating to compensate. In cold weather your home will be warmer, quicker when you want it to be and in warmer weather your home will be cooler.

You will also save money because the smart thermostat will heat the home up at the optimum speed instead of you turning the heating up to the setting you think will heat up your home the fastest.

Learning your heating preferences

Some smart thermostats ‘learn’ by your behaviour. For instance, by tracking using geo-location via smart phones whether occupants are in your house or not, a smart thermostat will turn the heating on or off automatically.

Smart thermostats learn your patterns and adjust your heating settings to match. If you like it very hot when you come in from work and cooler in mid-evening it will know when you adjust the heating and, over time, will automatically do it for you.

Smart thermostats vs programmable thermostats

Programmable thermostats have to be manually adjusted to create, for example, different heating settings for different days and different times of day. These settings can vary over the course of a week.

Smart thermostats on the other hand, adapt automatically as your daily schedule changes. Essentially, they ‘learn’ how you want your heating to work.

Additionally, a desired temperature can be set in advance so the heating will come on just in time for the house to be at the temperature you want when you come home from work, from the shops, a day out or weekend away.

The more you use a smart central heating thermostat and with careful adjustments of your home’s temperatures and heating schedule you will soon start to see savings on your energy bills.

Why invest in a smart heating thermostat?

There are many benefits of installing a smart central heating thermostat:

  • More control over your heating and hot water. Your home is warm and your water is hot when you need it to be.
  • Save money on heating bills.
  • Heating usage reports enable even more energy efficiencies and cost saving.
  • Waste less energy which is good for the environment.
  • More efficient boiler running.

What’s involved in installing a smart heating thermostats?

It’s a simple, 4 step process:

  • Get a smart heating thermostat installed in your boiler
  • Set up the thermostat’s control unit and connect it to the home Wi-Fi
  • Install the app on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Get familiar with the settings and start saving money on your heating bills

Obviously there’s a bit more to it that these 4 steps. C Hanlon’s Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers are at the forefront of this technology and have already notched up a wealth of experience in smart thermostats. With their expert advice and guidance you can have more control over your home’s heating system and to start saving money on your heating bills.

Find out more about smart thermostats installed by C Hanlon.

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