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Know Where Your Stopcock is in Case of Emergency

We can all agree that the first signs of winter are upon us!

Before the temperature drops much lower we would recommend that all our customers take a minute out of your day to ensure you know where your stopcock is. The stopcock is the main valve used for turning on and off your property’s cold water supply and is usually found under your kitchen sink. In the event of an emergency turning your water off quickly can make the difference between an unpleasant situation and a catastrophic one!

Take the time now to locate your stopcock and test it to see if it’s working, not when it’s too late!

In case of a plumbing emergency, call C Hanlon’s 24 Hour Emergency Callout Service.

24 Hour Emergency Plumber Glasgow

Emergency Call Out Number – 0843 289 2038



If you need to call out a tradesman for an emergency call the C Hanlon 24 hr Emergency Number: 0843 289 2038.