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CIP Drain Lining

Subject to inspection, displaced joints, fractures, cracks, tree-root damage, collapsing/deformed pipes and other faults, may be repaired by patching or lining.

This will restore the integrity of the run and prevent further deterioration. Patch/Lining can be carried out internally, or in drain runs under ground and buildings.

Lining involves repairs to an extended drain run. Patching allows a specific spot repair 50 or 100mm long to be made in a drain run.

Our specialist trained team will use the latest methods and technology to introduce a resin soaked liner section which is then fixed in place and cured under pressure.

Called CIP (cured-in-place) lining/patching, this forms a high strength tube inside a tube.

The resultant lining reduces internal friction helping flow rate and can actually be stronger than the pipe around.

Runs can often be used again the same day.

Benefits of CIP Lining 

  • More cost effective to line a drain at depth than to excavate and repair
  • Less disruptive i.e. losing the need to bring heavy plant to site and open ground causing noise disruption and other inconveniences
  • (for school projects this is a key element)
  • Reduces health and safety hazards and risks associated with excavation works
  • Most effective method in treating and repairing root susceptible pipe-work as roots can re-penetrate PVC pipe repairs 
  • Able to withstand corrosive chemical discharge from the property
  • Leaves a stronger pipe intact than existing
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee
  • An effective method for lining difficult access areas i.e. drains below buildings/stairwells, etc

Estimating for Patch Lining for Remedial Works

Once a CCTV drainage survey is complete, the survey will be processed by our CCTV department. 

The survey report and footage will then be carefully reviewed and the relevant remedial course of action is considered when estimating. If a fault is deemed repairable by way of lining/patch lining this will be the first consideration due to the reasons aforementioned. However, if lining is not considered to be feasible then the next course of action is deemed to be repair by excavation. Such instances can include collapsed and large displaced joints, fractured junctions, etc.

To find out more about what C Hanlon Drainage can do, read our drainage case studies.

  • CIP Drain Lining before repair
  • CIP Drain Lining after repair

The CIP Drain Lining Process

Our No-Dig Sewer Renovation system (Drain Lining) allows us to upgrade drains without breaking ground in and around your property or premises. Faster and non-disruptive drain repairs guaranteed.

Our experienced lining division are fully qualified in both sectional patch lining and continuous lining of defective drain lines.

To simplify the relatively new technique of sectional patch lining pipe repair, the process is as follows:

  1. Insert an epoxy resin coated sock via an inflatable packer to the drain line.
  2. The sock and packer is mobilised to the defect area identified by our cctv equipment.
  3. The sock is then inflated to form a new section of pipe within the existing pipe and allowed to cure over a period of 2-4 hours.

For continuous full length lining we apply similar methodology in the process however use a longer sock with larger equipment and the potential “new pipe” is inflated using air or hot water.

This method of repair is ideal for those difficult to reach defect areas including under properties and stairwells, etc.

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