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Drain Cleaning

C Hanlon Drainage offers a comprehensive drain cleaning and drainage maintenance service. This includes Electro-Mechanical Drain Clearing and High Pressure Water Jetting. All the latest jet drain cleaning equipment is used by C Hanlon Drainage.

Our drain cleaning services are available across Central Scotland and throughout the M8 Corridor including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bathgate and Livingston.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Domestic clients and business owners do not give high priority to their drainage system until they start to suffer problems!

At some point all drains need to be cleaned. Over a period of time deposits such as fat, grease, silt and scale build up on the pipe wall, reducing the hydraulic efficiency of the drain.

The most effective way to rid the pipe of these deposits is high pressure water jetting. Strong jets of water remove the deposits from the pipe wall.

The deposits are flushed out of the pipe and the drain is returned to a free flowing condition.

Other Applications of High Pressure Water Jetting

  • Graffiti removal
  • Door cleaning
  • Road markings removal
  • Removal of oil and debris from storage tanks
  • Paint, rust and cement removal


High Pressure Water Jetting is extremely versatile and the list above is only a small sample of what we can do. If you have any outdoor surfaces, storage containers or equipment that requires cleaning, please contact us.

Electro-Mechanical Drain Cleaning

This method of drain cleaning is used mainly for unblocking toilets and the unblocking and cleaning of primary pipework from sinks, urinals and showers. Flexible rods ranging in diameter from 8mm to 32mm are fed into the pipework via a rotating machine. A variety of tools can be attached to the rods for applications such as the removal of roots, uric scale and foreign objects.

To find out more about what C Hanlon Drainage can do, read our drainage case studies.

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Drain cleaning by C Hanlon Drainage.

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