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Powerflush Central Heating Cleaner

The Powerflush central heating flushing and de-scale method keeps your system clean, efficient and money in your wallet. By keeping your heating system clean and free from scale our system becomes more cost effective.

Benefits of Powerflush

  • Increased efficiency of your central heating by up to 25%
  • Reduces your gas bills
  • Prolongs the life of your central heating system
  • Removes ‘black sludge’
  • Quicker to heat up
  • Radiators are hotter
  • Quieter boiler
  • More reliable system (breakdowns less likely)

Two Steps to a Cost Saving in your Central Heating System

Step 1

Powerflush Check – Identify if you are suffering from these symptoms:

  • Cold spots on radiator top and bottom
  • Bad circulation – blocked pipes and valves due to sludge
  • Noisy heating system
  • Central heating system slow on heating

Stage 2

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An Example Investment

£480 + VAT for a combination boilers system and 6 radiators

Supply and install revolutionary Fernox Total Filter TF1, a unique hydrocyclonic magnetic inline filter from Fernox. Based on a combination boiler 6 radiators and all necessary cleaners. Allow additional £25 per additional radiator.

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Keep your system clean with Powerflush Central Heating Cleaner

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