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Central Heating Maintenance Tips for Winter

Central Heating Maintenance Tips for Winter

Central heating for your home is vital during the winter months. Last winter was one of the coldest on  record and some meteorologists are predicting an equally cold 2011/12 winter so you need to ensure your central heating system is in perfect working order.

Getting your central heating system thoroughly checked and tuned up before the cold weather really kicks in will not only give you peace of mind that it won’t let you down when you most need your home to be warm and cosy, it will also perform more efficiently which in turn will help save you money.

Lagging Helps Prevent Disaster

One of the first actions is to make sure your pipes are properly lagged, as prevention is always better than a cure. Frozen pipes can lead to no water supply and/or burst pipes and good lagging can reduce the chances of these events occurring.

Timers Can Save You Money

Another great way to run your heating system more efficiently is to install a timer or programmable thermostat. There are times of day, for example during the night or when you are out at work, when the heating is not needed. However, you’ll want your home to be nice and warm when you wake up or come in from work so let a timer do the work of managing when you use your heating. And with a programmable thermostat, even lowering the temperature by a couple of degrees will save money on heating bills yet still keep the rooms warm.

Recommended Checks

Gas Safe registered C Hanlon recommend the following checks to ensure your system is safe and working efficiently:

  • Checking boiler controls and components.
  • Cleaning out vital components to prevent carbon monoxide leaks and boost efficiency.
  • Checking radiators, valves and pipes for corrosion and leaks.

Rejuvenate Your Old Boiler

Central heating servicing and maintenance is especially important if your boiler is getting on in years. Dirt build-ups can cause malfunctions such as no hot water and heating cutting out and a thorough clean out will improve capacity as well as help reduce your energy bill.

A tell tale sign that you have a dirty central heating system is unusual sounds so if you hear loud rumbles coming from your boiler you may need to have your system flushed.

C Hanlon Plumbing and Heating offer gas safety checks and boiler maintenance at very reasonable prices so contact us before the cold snap really begins. And don’t forget we have a 24hr Emergency Callout service for all your heating and plumbing emergencies – just call us on 0843 289 2038.



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