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CCTV Drainage Surveys For Commercial Premises

Want to know the condition of your drains? Get a CCTV drain survey!

With our CCTV drain surveys and sonar tracing our drainage engineers can quickly identify where drains are sited and where potential problems exist, allowing us to pinpoint exactly which areas require attention.

Drainage CCTV Video
What were we asked to do?
Carry out a CCTV on all accessible drainage.
Why were we asked?
Tenant had water penetration in his basement area.
What did the survey identify?
Mass roots within drain line.
What did our report to the client say?
Client received electronic report by email of engineer’s findings, a quote for further works and a hard copy of the Wincan CCTV report and disc.
What further works were carried out as a result?
We recommended that the roots are cut out using high pressure water jetting to allow us to install an epoxy resin Liner throughout full drain.

What Happens After Your Drain Survey?

You’ll get a full report from our engineers including recommended actions such as:

Drain Unblocking

We use High Pressure Water Jetting and Electro-mechanical techniques to unblock drains, no matter how inaccessible.

Drain Lining

Our No-Dig Sewer Renovation System (Drain Lining) allows us to upgrade drains without breaking ground in and around your premises. Faster and non-disruptive drain repairs guaranteed.

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