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Recent customer nightmares about problems with squirrels, pigeons and mice

It seems a lot of C Hanlon customers, mainly in the Glasgow area, are being plagued by pests of late as C Hanlon Pest Control had a flood of enquiries recently. Here’s a few examples:

Pigeon nest C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow Edinburgh

Pigeons often like to nest in roof spaces or under access bridges and their guano can cause serious damage.

Pesky Pigeons

“Pigeons beginning to nest above our first floor bay window and would like a quotation for fitting control spikes” – Mr G, Hyndland, Glasgow

“We are demented by pigeons roosting under the eaves of our house. We need bird spikes installed” – Mr M, Airdrie

“Have pigeons in solar panels. Looking for an cost on what is required to get rid of them” – Mr B, Springhill, Glasgow

Rogue Rodents

Mice C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow Edinburgh

Rats and mice are attracted to food waste inside or outside your home and carry fatal diseases such as E. Coli.

“I want to ensure my flat is completely proofed and that there are no spaces at all where rodents could gain access. I have bought wire wool and mouse-stop paste, but I would really like someone who knows how to apply this properly to help me to find the areas and put it all in correctly.” – Mr H, Whiteinch, Glasgow

“Glasgow City Council pest control have identified that we have a problem with mice and rats in our property. They have laid down the appropriate poison, however we have holes in our kitchen walls that lead out to the exterior of the property. I would like to arrange time for someone to visit my property to identify the holes to block them.” – Miss S, Kelvinbridge, Glasgow

Not so secret squirrels

“Have just had all the appliances in my kitchen trip out due to squirrels in the loft chewing through cables (top floor flat). Electrician has advised having this seen to before getting it rewired.” – Mrs F, Mount Florida, Glasgow

Squirrel on roof C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow Edinburgh

Squirrels often seek refuge in loft spaces during the winter months and like to chew up wood and electrical cables to make their nests!

“We appear to have a squirrel problem within our attic. This has occurred previously, however nothing was caught in traps that were set. I can hear them running across the attic space every morning and concerned about any damage that may be being caused by them to wiring etc. Could you please provide a cost estimate as to their removal.” – Mr D, Kelvindale, Glasgow

“I have two squirrels living in my loft, accessing through a hole in the overhang, which is awkwardly located right on the corner of the third floor and a smaller hole above the lounge window. If blocking the access is possible, that would be great, but otherwise the animals will need to be trapped and/or killed.” – Mrs H, Kelvindale, Glasgow

In all these cases C Hanlon Pest Control responded quickly within 24-48 hours. Our experienced and qualified pest control technicians resolved all of the above customers’ issues. Don’t forget, we also provide pest control services to the Edinburgh area and the whole of Central Scotland.

The most important thing to remember if you have pests in or around your property is to ACT IMMEDIATELY!

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