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Underground Water Burst Repair, Kilmarnock

Underground Water Burst Repair, Kilmarnock 2018-10-31T09:17:48+00:00

Project Description

Client Name: Scottish Water
Location: Kilmarnock
Sector: Commercial/Public
Service Type: Water Repairs
Client’s website:

Client’s Requirement:
C Hanlon Drainage & Water Repairs division received an instruction to repair a leak in the water supply at the home of an vulnerable elderly resident.

In order to carry out the repair engineers were required to crawl beneath the floors to enable a connection. Engineers were also very conscious that the homeowner was elderly and had difficulty communicating whilst engineers worked on the property.

Engineers attended the site and made repairs to the leak by carrying out a standard excavation and repair. Once tested a further leak was encountered beneath the property. In normal circumstances our engineers would require to contact the client for further authorisation to carry out the necessary repairs. However, the team on site continued and accessed the sub-floor of the property which was an extremely tight space and renewed the supply from the newly carried out external repair to the internal water supply riser.

All works were completed and upon testing all pipe was water-tight and supply to property restored.

Feedback from neighbour of the elderly resident:
I am writing on behalf of my neighbour, (name withheld). She is 98 years of age, lives alone and has noticeable dementia. She doesn’t have the interpersonal skills any longer to know when to leave the workers to get on with their work. Your workers did a great job humouring her, while at the same time making her feel included. The mains leak was just on the edge of the property and to do the job permanently meant accessing the lead pipe from within the property.  That brought about a lot of crawling under floorboards. (name withheld) may have been unaware your staff were giving her an exceptional service, but I wasn’t. The job was left spotless and I was left impressed. Can you pass on my thanks on behalf of (name withheld).

Feedback/testimonial from Client no 1:
Please let me add my thanks for this, a great piece of work on all levels – well done. It’s fair to say that the approach and delivery of CSLs through all involved in Ayr Region is outstanding, the excellent customer feedback proves this on a regular basis.  A model for others. Thanks again. Keith.

Feedback/testimonial from Client no 2:
Craig & Barry, excellent service as always, keep up the good work guys. Regards, Mark William Templeto, Leakage Delivery Team Manager.

Feedback/testimonial from Client no 3:
Craig…this is fantastic feedback from a customer’s neighbour. Make sure and pass on my thanks to Barry. Jamie.

These are the kind of comments we get regularly regarding Craig and Barry. Excellent work. Regards, Gordon Smith, Leakage Supervisor.

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