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Multi-Trade Repairs, Easterhouse, Glasgow

Multi-Trade Repairs, Easterhouse, Glasgow 2018-10-31T09:17:49+00:00

Project Description

Pupils had vandalised the waste feed from the urinals at a school in Easterhouse in Glasgow which resulted in damaged plumbing and flooding.

C Hanlon’s Plumbing team carried out repairs to waste pipe then tested it to ensure it was working efficiently.

As this had been an ongoing issue we advised City Building that in this instance prevention would be better than cure. Our Joinery division were called in and boxed in the pipework to prevent further damage. This was then finished with PVC for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Upon completion our Hygiene team attended and cleaned and sanitised the toilet as this had been flooded out after the damage had been done.

This job highlights C Hanlon as a multi-trade one stop shop as three divisions (Plumbing, Building (Joinery), Environmental Services) were involved in the process contributing their separate disciplines to complete the job.

Stephen Bristow of City Building was very pleased with the work, calling it a “brilliant job”. City Building LLP are the facilities agent for Education. C Hanlon is a principal contractor for City Building.

Project Details


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