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Drainage Diversion and Repairs, Carmunnock, Glasgow

Drainage Diversion and Repairs, Carmunnock, Glasgow 2018-10-31T09:17:47+00:00

Project Description

Client Name: Morris & Spottiswood (on behalf of NHBC)
Location: Carmunnock, Glasgow
Sector: Commercial
Service Type: Drainage
Client’s website:

Client’s Requirement:
C Hanlon Drainage received an enquiry from our client to resolve an issue whereby at construction process the developer failed to install drainage pipelines correctly at the property. This resulted in substantial recurring blockages and damage to the property. A solution was then required to remove the problem which would later prove complex but not out of reach for our skilled team.

A CCTV drain survey was carried out to the drainage system of the property to initially investigate the faults in the system. Te faults requiring repair were situated at difficult locations internally including beneath concrete floors, kitchen facilities and fixtures. A plan was then devised based on the following:

There appeared to be a large element of potential upheaval as follows:

  • Circa 8m of drainage within garage floating floor required to be uplifted, concrete broken out and drain excavated and repaired to a depth of approx 1m.
  • Circa a further 8-9m of drainage required to be repaired within the kitchen/dining area where concrete and decorative tiles were required to be disturbed along with the further possibility of disruption of fixtures and fittings, fixed furniture, etc.
  • C Hanlon’s drainage team attempted to locate the route of the kitchen drainage. Whilst a junction was located in its vicinity below ground there was no apparent sign of waste water from the kitchen utilities when testing. This may have indicated the possibility of water running directly to ground and a connection failure during the installation process. This came as no surprise since the drain appeared to have been very poorly installed at the outset.

After site meetings and general discussions we came to the conclusion that a long section of drainage within the garage required to be renewed and the kitchen drainage at the rear of the property would require to be diverted from the back of the house to the front. This was not an easy task but after hard work and minimal upheaval to the internal property it was the only solution. Once given authorisation to proceed we were given a 2 week timeframe to complete the works which would allow the homeowners to go on holiday and return to normality. 

All works were completed and reinstated within timescales as per our specification.

Feedback from Client:
I have completed our Performance Report for this job and gave it to relevant persons in M&S.

Can you pass on a big thank you to each and every person involved in this from Hanlon, everyone I dealt with before, during were first class. To visit site on the Sunday when no one would be expecting and see the guys using the dust extraction unit was brilliant, I know what guys can be like when they are not expecting a visit. We also had a good report from NHBC visit, I will forward that separately. 

Please do let everyone know how much we appreciated there help and they were a credit to Hanlon. Well done.

Harry Mills, Contracts Manager

Feedback from Homeowner:
You may remember the NHBC drainage project at my house above in October. I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks again to your team for a great job. A couple of months in from the job finishing and all is running well and they left everything very tidy. 

It’s that time of year when good wishes should be shared.

Kind regards.

Bruce Lindsay, BSc MRICS

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