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Pest Prevention

Pest Prevention For Residential and Commercial Properties

Pest control is not all about eradicating an existing infestation. Pest prevention is always preferable as is eliminates the trauma (especially to children) of having pests in the home, maintains a healthy and safe home environment and is the cheaper option. If you have had pests in your home or place of work in the past and don’t want a repeat, pest prevention is essential.

  • Diseases are found in urine and droppings left behind by rats and mice and these are easily and quickly spread to kitchen worktops and food preparation areas.
  • Flying insects such as flies can contaminate food with bacteria which can cause food poisoning.
  • Rats and mice can easily gnaw through electrical wires, housings, plastic and wooden coverings resulting in costly repairs and potential electrical fire risks.
  • Cockroaches multiply rapidly and if left unchecked can spread disease to a very wide area very quickly.

Fast, Reliable and Discreet Pest Control

At C Hanlon Pest Control, we offer the complete fast, reliable and discreet pest control service: reasonable and affordable prices, fully trained technicians who are thorough, conscientious and use the latest pest control methods and treatments, and 24 hour emergency callout. In addition, our technicians are discreet!

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