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Pest Control for Flies

British Pest Control Association Member
C Hanlon Pest Control technicians are qualified to identify and treat all types of fly infestation from the common housefly, fruit fly, bathroom fly, blowfly (bluebottle and greenbottles) and many others. We provide pest control solutions for flies in households and commercial premises in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Central Scotland.

C Hanlon is a member is the British Pest Control Association and all our pest control technicians are highly experienced and trained to British Pest Control Association standards.

Homeowners and business owners are advised by the British Pest Control Association to use trained, professional pest controllers to assess fly infestations and ongoing fly control and implement the necessary pest control solutions.

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Why Are Flies Pests?

Flies are disease carriers and because they are highly mobile they can spread disease very rapidly.

As they crawl around disease bearing surfaces they pick up diseases then transfer them to other surfaces. This is especially dangerous when they land on human food as they spread diseases almost immediately as well as defecating and regurgitating as they feed. They lay their eggs on rotting meat and plants so leaving food exposed exacerbates the problem.

Flies pest control
Flies are attracted to any organic waste or food and when they land or feed on food the diseases they spread include dysentery, cholera and typhoid which can be passed on to humans with potentially very serious results.

This is dangerous to health in the home and in commercial premises which prepare and serve food. Environmental Health Departments have a responsibility to enforce food safety and environmental health legislation. They provide advice on addressing potential insect problems and if it is not followed by business owners they can bring legal action.

Our Solution

Domestic fly infestations

In the case of fly infestations in the home, C Hanlon Pest Control can carry out a full survey of the property, identify the type of fly, locate the sources of the problem and advise on the most effective pest control solution for getting rid of flies. In addition to supplying and advising on where best to use fly sprays, and position sticky fly traps and vapour releasing fly killers we can also supply and install Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) units.

Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) unit

Fly infestations in commercial premises

For commercial premises, especially where food is prepared and served, we will conduct a full survey of all areas including food preparation areas and front of house. After we identify the type of fly, we will then advise on the most effective solution to control the infestation as well as ongoing pest control measures such as supplying and installing Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) units. This will keep staff and customers safe and happy as well as helping businesses comply with Environmental Health legislation.

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