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We aim to excel in our expertise, quality products and achieve a first class service on every project.

To be the best supplier of Trades & Services for both Domestic and Commercial clients.
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Pest Control Glasgow & Central Scotland

C Hanlon Pest Control is one of Central Scotland’s leading providers of pest control services.

British Pest Control Association MemberWe are members of the British Pest Control Association which is widely recognised as the UK’s foremost trade body for pest control.

Whether you have a problem with pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice or other rodents, ants, pigeons, squirrels, fleas, flies, bedbugs or wasps we have a huge range of effective, lethal and non-lethal, preventative pest control treatments at our disposal and are always keen to pass on our expert advice to home and business owners on what practical steps to take to protect their premises against pests.

Our pest control technicians are friendly and knowledgeable and are always quick to respond to your initial enquiry. A thorough site survey will identify the exact nature of your pest problem we will provide you with the most effective solution to either wipe out the pests in your home or place of business or carry out measures to prevent an infestation.

We provide pest prevention services for residential and commercial pest control.

Always remember the golden rule of pest control: ACT IMMEDIATELY!

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Ants C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


Whether you have a problem with garden ants or black ants C Hanlon Pest Control can locate the source and get rid of them fast and effectively…

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Bedbugs C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


Effective, professional treatment for eradicating bedbugs, even persistent infestations that can only be eliminated by powerful insecticides…

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Cockroaches Hoy Hoy Trap C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


Cockroach infestations are high risk and can become very serious very quickly. We have chemical and non-chemical solutions that are fast, effective and safe…

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Fleas C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


If you’ve tried everything to try and get rid of fleas in your home or workplace we can recommend a treatment plan no matter how serious it is…

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Pigeons guano bird C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


Proven solutions for bird control including pigeons. Installation of bird spikes, bird netting, guano removal and bird free solutions to prevent nesting.

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rats mice vermin C Hanlon pest control glasgow


Comprehensive treatments for getting rid of rats and mice in your home or workplace and long term solutions for keeping them out…

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Wasps C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


Get rid of unwanted wasps’ nests in your home or garden. We can destroy them quickly and safely and advise on how to prevent re-infestation…

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Flies C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


We can identify your type of fly infestation and have a range of pest control solutions to treat the problem in the short term and long term…

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Squirrels C Hanlon Pest Control Glasgow


Humane pest control to make sure your loft, attic or garage space is kept clear of squirrels who can cause untold damage to electrical wiring, insulation and fittings…

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