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Pest Control For Wasps

No one wants a wasps’ nest in their garden, let alone their house, but it does make a great hangout.

Wasps build nests in places where they can access the outside world, so lofts, garages and wall cavities are all popular and the bad news is: summer 2015 is set to be a bumper season for nests.

C Hanlon Pest Control for wasps

C Hanlon Pest Control for wasps from C Hanlon Pest Control

British Pest Control Association figures reveal that the wasp population of the UK was up by nearly 90 percent last year compared to 2013, and the trend is set to continue in summer 2015.

Wasps are hostile and a sting from a single wasp can be extremely painful and can cause anaphylactic shock if the host is allergic to the venom in the sting. We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to destroy the nest yourself as you may be at risk of multiple stings.

However, it’s not all bad news because C Hanlon Pest Control can help.

We are expert at safely destroying wasps’ nests and advising on how prevent re-infestation. Our 24-hour Emergency Callout will ensure a rapid response to deal with the problem.

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