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  • Commercial Green Roofing Services Glasgow Edinburgh
  • Commercial Green Roofing Glasgow Edinburgh

Commercial Green Roofing

C Hanlon Roofing supply, install and repair green roofing to commercial properties throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and Central Scotland.

Green roofs require a lot of planning with so many factors to consider such as planning permission, weight of the roof, building structure, type of green roofing, height of the system, irrigation and maintenance requirements and installation logistics to name only a few.

C Hanlon Roofing can advise on and project manage a green roofing project for your property to meet your requirements and budget.

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Types of green roofing we install

Commercial Green Roofing Installer Glasgow Edinburgh

Intensive green roofing

Deep set garden roofs which can support a wide variety of plants, grass, shrubs, small trees and water features. They are the ideal choice if you essentially want a “roof garden” with recreational lawn areas, pathways and furniture. Intensive green roofs are the heaviest type and need as much maintenance as a ground level garden.

Extensive green roofing

This is also called sedum roofing and employs a thin base layer on which sedum plants grow. Sedum plants or stonecrops are flowering plants which are very hardy, resilient to pests and disease, have shallow roots and are adaptable to changeable weather all of which makes them a very low maintenance green roofing option. Extensive green roofs are more suited to larger commercial properties.

Biodiverse free roofing

The most eco-friendly kind of green roof available. A biodiverse roof replicates the environment surrounding the building and as such reduces the negative ecological impact that building construction causes. Biodiverse roofs often have the appearance of natural, unspoiled land rather than the manicured look of a roof garden. One major advantage of a biodiverse roof is that it can significantly increase a building’s BREEAM/LEED rating.

Benefits of green roofing

The wider community, the environment, local ecosystems and your bank balance can all benefit from what green roofs provide. The benefits of green roofing include:

Thermal insulation – the sheer mass and density of a green roof creates an insulating layer which helps lower heating bills.

Soundproofing – the volume of noises coming from outdoors is significantly reduced by green roofing. This includes ambient noises such as traffic as well as rainfall hitting the roof surface.

Waterproofing lifespan improvements – roof waterproofing materials are prone to UV damage and heat damage caused by temperature fluctuations. A green roof protects waterproofing from harmful UV rays and keeps the waterproofing temperature relatively stable which significantly increase the lifespan or roof waterproofing.

Planning Permission – many local and regional authorities are becoming more likely to pass Planning Permission on new builds if a green roof is included in property developments.

Improves air quality – in built up areas air pollution is a major health hazard but plants on green roofs filter out materials harmful to humans.

Reduces flood risk – rain water on traditional roofs runs off via guttering and downpipes and can cause flooding if rain is heavy. Green roofs absorb rainwater and minimises the risk of flooding.

Creation of additional space – a green roof is practical as well as functional. Uses for green roofs include recreational and social areas, food production such as crop growing, sports areas such as tennis courts and five-a-side football pitches.

Green roofs look great! – a green roof among the sprawl of traditional urban roofing lifts the mood of a town or city environment and improves the sense of wellbeing in people.

Ecologically friendly – many natural habitats for wildlife are destroyed by construction and urban sprawl. However, a well planned green roof can provide replacement habitat for wildlife that is under threat such as some birds and bats.

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