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Trenchless Solutions

Do you need pipework carried out with the minimum of fuss and upheaval? Now you can with trenchless solutions technology from C Hanlon Drainage. Our services are available across Central Scotland and throughout the M8 Corridor including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bathgate and Livingston.

Whether you need a new pipe installation or repairs carried out to existing pipes, our trenchless technology can do the job quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

How Trenchless Works

Avoid unsightly, inconvenient upheaval like this by using our Trenchless Solutions.

Pipe Bursting

For repair and replacement of existing pipes. We start by digging a “launch pit” and position the equipment above.

A “bursting head” attached to a wire cable is inserted into the pipe using a hydraulic ram and is passed through the pipe. Because the bursting head’s diameter is slightly larger than that of the pipe, it breaks apart the pipe as it moves along.

The new pipe is attached to the rear of the bursting head and is laid at the same time the old pipe is destroyed.

Thrust Boring

For installation of new pipes. A similar process to pipe bursting except a rod is inserted into the ground. As it is driven through the ground, it carries the new pipe with it.

Trenchless solutions are especially advantageous where minimal disruption is required:

  • Road closures are not necessary.
  • Areas with difficult access are easily worked in.
  • “Sensitive” areas such as gardens and public spaces remain intact.


To ensure our trenchless work is carried out to the highest standards, C Hanlon use Warrior trenchless solutions products for pipe bursting and thrust boring. Warrior are well established in the field and have a high reputation for efficiency and accuracy.

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Do you need pipework carried out with the minimum of fuss and upheaval?

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